Thursday, December 3, 2015

Have a holly jolly Christmas...

It’s that depressing time of the year… Yeah that not the way it goes, under the mistletoes, but oh by golly it should...

Okay, I don't have a future as a song writer!

Many years ago I attempted to make a pack with my family to exchange homemade gifts. I never got it to work. The idea of gift giving is great when there are kids involved but I have never been convinced that it really should be carried into adulthood. I broached this subject a little while ago on the blog and got no response.  

I just wish that I could say to everyone that I know, please do not buy me a Christmas gift. Just make me something—hey anyone can make a mud pie or make me laugh—or next summer find me a pebble on the beach that makes you think of me. Since the commercialization of Christmas is so ingrained how do you say, give me a treasure not a gift? And please don’t do it on some schedule.

I envy people that are good at gift giving. I never was, still not. Janet had this wonderful ability to know just exactly what to give everyone—I miss her counsel greatly. I hate gift giving but a lot less than than I hate gift receiving. Yeah, I know, bah humbug.


  1. I was just about to say "bah humbug" but you said it for me! I'll make you a deal - I won't get you a gift and you won't have to get me one. How does that sound? Actually, we aren't exchanging gifts in our family for the first time - ever. Our son-in-law lost his job and they are in the process of moving to Denver. Our other daughter and husband (a natural humbug) will be flying to Denver, as are we. It isn't practical to fly with gifts. One of my daughters lives to GIVE the year 'round, while the other had rather be whipped than go shopping. That leaves me to navigate a plan that everyone can live with. This year, because of the unemployment, move and flying, I was able to say "no gifts" and gain consensus. Being with those I love is gift enough. I know you miss Janet, but don't forget there are still a lot of folks who love you. So forget about shopping or gift giving and try to react graciously should you receive one. And let's both focus on the real reason for the season! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. We have a deal. Christmas is just difficult. Janet and I quit exchanging gifts years ago. I do miss her.