Friday, December 25, 2015

Debi Beauregard and I have a tradition of photographing in downtown Houston on Christmas day. It is almost deserted so it presents some interesting opportunities.

You may not have seen or may not remember the final scene of Stanley Kramer’s movie adaptation of Nevil Shute’s novel On the Beach. The world has ended in a nuclear holocaust, Australia was the last area to be covered with the radioactive fallout. The last scene is a deserted street in Sydney. The background music is a Salvation Army choir singing “There’s still time brother, To love one another, There’s still time brother for you to make amends.” Or something like that. That’s not really the way the movie ends but it is the way I have always remembered the ending and I kind of like it that way.

Well, downtown Houston on Christmas morning is very reminiscent of my final frames of On the Beach.

A photo meet-up group, Houston Photowalks, scheduled a downtown shoot for early afternoon, which we planned to attend. So Debi decided that instead we would photograph the Diversity Sculptures on Allen Parkway at sun up. We put out an invitation for others to join us. Kaaren Crushman and Paula Powers met us at Denny’s where we planned to carpool because parking is very limited near the sculptures.

We should have arrived at the sculptures about a half hour before we did. There wasn’t any sun rise because of overcast and by the time we got there all the fog had lifted. Never the less we shot for a while than moved to the Worthen Fountain a little ways down the street.

I don’t know that I got anything worth keeping but it was a pleasant time with very good company.


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