Friday, August 7, 2015


Well, once again I got confused and thought I was supposed to meet with Alcy this morning. I wasn’t. Maybe that is tomorrow morning. Anyway…

I came to the studio instead to shoot smoke—1042 photographs of smoke, so far this morning. That leaves a lot of time for thinking. Yeah, I know that’s bad.

Grumpy Old Man

Something I read on Facebook this morning while eating breakfast got me to thinking about purpose. I am a great believer in purpose. I think there are times when we are where we are for a purpose, a reason. We don’t necessarily need to understand that purpose, just that we be there and that there is purpose in being there. Shooting smoke left me a lot of time to think about purpose. I mostly have concluded that sometimes I am where I am simply for the purpose of irritating other people. I am pretty good at that so it may just be a calling.

I received an email a couple of days ago that I have had a photograph accepted in an upcoming exhibition of the Canvas Art Show. I had submitted the two photographs that were hung at the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum a few months ago because the show is an outgrowth of the Canvas Church that is pastored by Christopher Parrott. Chris is truly an amazing young man. I have tremendous respect for Chris and for his ministry.  The photograph that was accepted was, Shew Praises Unto Him That Lifted You Out of the Darkness Into His Marvelous Light and yes it is a photograph of a crucifix shot in a Catholic Church.  What is interesting to me about the acceptance is that the show will hang in a neighborhood bar. A somewhat far cry from the KCAM. And sometimes there is just simply purpose. So, if anyone wants to hang out with me in a bar from 7 to 10pm on August 28th for the opening, I would welcome your company. 


  1. The incense shots are quite interesting. This one looks like a cartoon character. Congrats on your upcoming show. Maybe you can post some photos of the show, and afterwards share what you think the purpose was.

  2. Gary I do see a grumpy old man but my first impression was that of a well-endowed young woman. Perhaps it was because one of us was smelling the incense while the other was not. Interesting shot. John