Thursday, July 9, 2015


I came to the studio this morning to share words of photographic wisdom from the book I was reading at breakfast, Dan Winters’ Road to Seeing. Then I decided that violated my New Year’s Resolution so I shifted gears and decided to process photographs. However, when I left the house, not intending to come to the studio, I left both my camera and my hard drive at home. Now I am in a quandary—pack up, go home and call it a day, maybe even cut grass—or write about what I was reading. Believe I will do both by narrowing down what I read to one sentence…

“The piano is not the sonata.”

If that can be translated in to photo speak, good. If not it is no major loss. I just thought it tied in with my, “the photograph is not the object photographed.” And it would if I shared more of what Winters wrote.

I think that what he says is of importance and worth sharing. But I promised myself that was not what I would do this year. So to post this, pack up, go home, cut grass.

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