Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lighting Practice

Debi Beauregard invited me too help her with a shoot in Katy next week. It is taking individual portraits of a group of senior citizens. So we signed up for a class in studio lighting. Afterwards we came back to the studio for some practice and I was the only senior available.

She just received a new circular parabolic modifier that she wanted to try out. This shot was done using that single light with a grid.

This is a Woodard shot. I had to talk her into it. She was thinking that she would do the senior portraits from farther away, and we will. They will also be lighter. It's just not a Woodard if it's not dark and you are not sitting on the subject's lap when you take the photo. I wanted this to prove that if I can dish it out I can take it. So many people, friends and strangers, have put up with me poking a camera in their face that this is poetic justice.

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