Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Received from the Printer

I stayed home today to do washing and clean house... what house cleaning I do anyway. Glad I did because my photographs arrived (see previous post).

Generally at first I am displeased with the print versions. I see all the things that I could have done or maybe should have done differently. But this time, even though I see things I could have done differently, I am actually excited about getting them into frames. I want to hold off hanging them on the wall outside the studio until the next open studio but I am not sure that I can wait that long.  Now to start on something for the August open studio. I still have the birds from the rookery that I need to get finished--that may be the route that I go.

I would hope that many of my friends get a chance to come by and see them. As I mentioned, I understand that religiously themed art is not much in favor and at times controversial, but maybe they could be viewed as I think photographs, what I do with an image from a camera, should be viewed as, to quote duChemin, line, shape, form, tone and sometimes color. I think they are good viewed either way. I do believe the context is strong and pretty much unequivocal. The prints, in my not so humble opinion, actually look better than the digital files. Did I mention that I like them? lol

Right now I am going to fix some lunch then when the drier stops and I have the clothes hung, to heck with cleaning house--I am off to the studio!

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