Thursday, June 11, 2015


One of the members of NWHPC, a very good friend, is moving out of Houston. I discovered that he had never eaten a No. 99 at Tookies in Kemah so we set up an opportunity for those that could get away in the middle of the week. A No. 99 is a hamburger that has had the patty marinated in wine. Janet and I fell in love with the No.99 back when we had a sailboat docked at the Seabrook Shipyard in the Seventies. It is well worth the drive.

Ten club members met at Tookies and surprisingly, for a week day, the place was packed but we got there near the end of the lunch hour so the wait wasn’t terribly long. We enjoyed a great meal and good company. Afterwards those that could stuck around for some photos.

Several of us ended up at the Kemah Boardwalk. It began to rain so we stopped in the Cadillac Bar for some place to sit and talk. Less than ten minutes after we got there a front must have come through because the wind hit; wind and water totally wrecked the table. Even back fifteen or so feet from the open front of the dining area was getting water. We found another table and occasionally shot photos of the havoc.


To put in a plug for Cadillac Bar, there were seven of us and some had mixed drinks. When we had to move they supplied the new table with chips and dip and when it come time to pay the bill they said it was on the house. The next time I'm in Kemah for lunch, as much as I hate to give up an opportunity for a No. 99 I plan on eating at Cadillac. I haven't been to Cadillac in years. I took my brother there and he pinched the waiter so I have never been able to go back.

Going through an old computer drive I came across photos of another photoshoot some six years ago that just about got rained out—the very first photowalk put together by Joe Lippeatt for the Houston Photowalks Meetup. That night fifty or more photographers met at the Lakehouse restaurant at Discovery Green. Just as we were branching out to do night shots of downtown an electrical storm hit that in North Texas would be called a full blown gully washer--almost constant thunder and lightening and tons of water. A lot headed for their cars and sensibly got out of downtown. Most stayed under the awning at the Lakehouse. Me? Well I walked down to Main Street to photograph Metrorail. Along the way I waded water that near the curbs got up to my knees. It tried to only shoot from beneath some overhead protection but even at that I was soaked to the bone; my camera was soaked and I was using a new 17-35mm lens for the first time. Fortunately for me, the camera and the lens suffered no permanent damage. I heard that others did go downtown but I didn’t see another photographer until I returned to Discovery Green an hour or so later. 


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