Monday, June 8, 2015

A Photograph I Could Not Resist

For the last couple of weeks there has been a piece of art, I am not sure it would be called a painting, although there is some paint applied, hanging in the display area of Aurora Studio near my studio. It has several slightly separated layers of canvas which have areas that have been removed leaving the edges frayed as if torn away. In places, strips of canvas have been over laid and applied with adhesive. There is considerable depth to the surface, physical as well as psychological. . The colors are muted like a very aged wall surface. In places there are darkened areas, in places subtle warm coloring. It is a very interesting piece that I like very much. If I could afford it I would love to see it hanging in my house.

Yesterday I found that same piece hanging in a back hallway near the restrooms. A broom and dust pan were leaning against one side and a table containing miscellaneous cleaning supplies along with a couple of chairs was sitting in front of it.

I couldn’t resist doing a photograph and pairing it with a quote from Richard Wilbur’s poem, Museum Pieces.

“Edgar Degas purchased once
A fine El Greco, which he kept
Against the wall beside his bed
To hang his pants on while he slept.”
And my version...

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