Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Well, it hardy qualifies as a ‘road trip’ since it was only fifty miles. You can drive that far and not get out of the Houston Metropolitan area. But getting me to do anything by myself other than hiding out at home or the studio practically becomes cause celebra.

I have wanted a very plain ladder-back chair for a prop. Found one in an antique store near the studio but the pitch about everyone wanting it after seeing it on Martha Stewart turned me off. I am not the least bit impressed by Martha and she added no value as far as I could see since that was not something I could photograph--or would want to. The pitch was geared toward the yuppies that are moving into the neighborhood as fast as they can throw up cheaply built and horrendously over priced row houses. I just found it condescendingly irritating. As it turned out, it would have been a good deal less expensive to ignore the irritation. But I seldom am capable of doing that.

selfie with the new chair
On Craig’s List I found two that I thought would be workable, one in Conroe and the other in Hempstead. Forty miles or fifty miles away. Doesn’t anyone in Houston have a ladder-back chair that they no longer want? I really liked the one in Hempstead even thought it was not nearly as easy to get to from where I live. After confirming that it was still available I packed myself up this morning and drove to Hempstead. 

In spite of the heavy rains of the last few days I had no trouble going and only slight difficulty getting back because I decided to cut through the country roads. Now to get it to the studio and start taking photos.

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