Monday, May 25, 2015

Leica M3

Sorry for the double post but I am a little excited. I thought I had lost this for good.

A few years ago Northwest Houston Photography Club had a competition for drawing a sleeve patch. I was working on drawing some ideas in Corel Paint Shop Pro, one of which was a very stylized front view of a rangefinder camera. Janet kept rolling by and critiquing--mostly telling me what it didn't have and needed. She thought it should have chrome so I added chrome. She thought the leather should have a texture so I added a texture. I think she just keep pushing to see at what point I would fail. One thing lead to another so I finally went to the equipment cabinet and got out her Leica M3. It became a challenge to see how closely I could draw the M3. I drew the camera and was pretty happy. Still not satisfied, she thought it should have a lens so I went and got  lens to draw. Of course, what I ended up with would never work for an embroidered cloth sleeve patch, but it was a fun project. I ended up drawing it from both the top and the front. I have posted the top a few times because I had used it in a composite that I entered into a print competition and no one realized that it was not a real camera until I disclosed that during the print discussion. Thought I was pretty darn clever. But I had not been able to find the front view for a very long time. Actually thought it had been lost. Was very pleased to find it tucked away in an obscurely named file on this old drive.

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