Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday Drive to Anderson

Alcy, Clayton and I decided in spite of the weather to make a road trip. It couldn't be any worse than the last time we were in Anderson when it was so cold you didn't want to get out of the car for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

Confederate Memorial
There was a time when a memorial to the brave men who struggled in the War of Northern Aggression stood on the courthouse lawn of practically every county in Texas. That was before the war was stupidly lost a second time. Even though this is not on the courthouse lawn it is great to see that some have not totally capitulated.

The Fanthrop Inn
The last time we did not do a tour of the inn built two years before Texas won it's independence from Mexico. I am glad we had the opportunity as they are starting a grounds renewal project and the inn will be closed for several months.

Martha's Bloomers
No trip near Navasota would be complete for Alcy if we didn't stop at Martha's Bloomers.

We shot in and around Anderson for probably three hours. Interestingly the rain held off until just as we were leaving. Then it stopped as we got to Martha's Bloomers long enough for us to shoot there and then to take a brief walk in Navasota. It rained until just before we approached Nelson's Ornamental Concrete on the outskirts of Brenham.

Nelson's Ornamental Concrete
I persuaded everyone to stop at Nelson's. I shoot lots of things at Nelson's but my favorite is what I call the back lot where all the broken pieces and overstock is located. It always strikes me as an archeological site being tagged and palleted to ship to some museum or collection. Okay, I am aware that there is a monumental difference between ornamental concrete and ancient artifacts but it is a silly mindset that I enjoy getting into when shooting at Frasier's. I make up stories for a lot of the photographs that I take.  It is simply a part of my game of photography.


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