Thursday, April 9, 2015

Decision Day

I haven’t done yard work for probably twelve years. I’m basically talking cutting grass-that is the extent of my ‘yard work’. In the summer I would go out promising myself that I would cut a third of the back yard then I would rest. I wouldn’t quit and I would come in just short of heat exhaustion or sun stroke, soaked in sweat and totally exhausted. I decided that it was cheaper to pay to have it done by younger people than the medical bills would be.

It has never been satisfactory. I have had for brief periods someone that I felt did a decent job but they never lasted long. The current fellow was, I thought a Godsend. He did mention that my back yard was a booger—I knew that. Well, I paid him in advance over two weeks ago. A week later he cut the front but never returned for the back yard. I was concerned that he was sick but leaving the house a couple of days ago I noticed him out in his yard.

Well, I decided that I was the one person I could depend on so today I trotted over to Lowes and came home with a spanking new bright red self-propelled Toro and a new gas can. Got it put together and started on the back yard. Remember it was in need of cutting over two weeks ago and we have had plenty of rain and sunshine since. It was well beyond needing cut within a couple of days of the payment. It was like tackling a jungle.

My plan was to cut a little then rest, cut a little more then rest and then finish. I almost succeeded. About two thirds of the way through I noticed my head was pounding so I did take a break. Today the weather is pleasant. In a month or so it is going to be darn hot and I am not going to be able to do it all at once. I just have to remember that.

Tomorrow, I may be able to get out of bed. That is if I am able to walk to the bed at bed time.

That's okay, the back yard is cut and if the weather holds I will trim up the front and possibly touch up the back.   


  1. Jan, that would be much, much too embarrassing. I should be embarrassed the way that I take care of this place but I've learned to live with it.