Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rookery at High Island, Second Trip

Alcy and I arrived at the rookery around three in the afternoon. We had made dinner reservations for 6:30pm which I really regret. I would like to have had the late evening light even if it had meant driving thirty miles back to Galveston and waiting for the ferry to eat. We went back shortly after sunrise the second day but it was badly overcast and occasionally raining. The birds were not moving around much. Where we had outstanding early morning backlighting on our first trip the light was now flat and the sky was a dull gray. We didn't stay long as it didn't appear to have a chance of letting up.





I considered renting a longer lens and it would have been nice to have. I hope that Debi and I will go back toward the end of next week although I do not know if there will be any chicks left by that time. Regardless there will be something to shoot. I might rent a lens for that trip if it pans out.

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