Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For Beauregard

A couple of days ago Debi and I got together to practice using flash—something I need to do more often. I mentioned that I had just received Jay Maisel’s book Light, Gesture, Color and she said she had just received his It Ain’t About the F/Stop.

At dinner tonight I was reading my book and on page 72 he is talking about a photograph of a train conductor with the train schedule in the background. He was bemoaning the fact that he had let the schedule blur so much because it was the element in the photograph that suggested the occupation of the subject. He thought that he has used a wide aperture but on checking his EXIF he discovered that he had shot at f/13. But still, it should have been f/22.

The final paragraph is “Well, yeah, sometimes it is about the f/stop.”

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