Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wrapping up Barbarian Weekend

Well, today was to be my last trip to Ren Fest this year. Notice the ‘was to be.’ In all it has been a disappointment—especially the Barbarian Weekend that I had hoped to be the climax of a great few weekends of shooting. Actually it is not the festival that is the disappointment; it is that what I have accomplished photographically is well below what I feel I did last year. That is a disappointment.

If the weather is halfway descent I may just have to go to one or both of the two last weekends. Next weekend is Highland Fling followed by a Celtic Christmas. Got a goodly amount of Irish and Scots Irish mixed in with the Dutch, German and Cherokee so I might just feel at home. I just hate to quit with what I have done so far.

Part of the problem is the earlier than usual cold weather. Both yesterday and today were very cold and today it drizzled most of the time we were there. These last two trips were considerably more successful than the first two trips but still below what I would like to have accomplished.

I have still got lots to process but these seem to be the most successful shots of the day. 


Let's not forget why it is that we go to the Barbarian Weekend Sadly most Barbarians found more Western attire. Very sadly. This young couple was happy to stop to be photographed but they wanted to face me--I wanted to photograph them from the back, which I did when they walked off and you can see why. Remember it was very cold today. If I had gotten closer it would have shown the goose bumps. A very dedicated young lady.

I guess it is silly to go to a festival where people spend massive amounts of money for costumes and then not photograph the costume--but I am a collector of faces. I think there is a long story behind that and someday I may write about it. Let's just say that I think I understand why I am a collector of faces.
There is considerable debate regarding candid as opposed to engaging the person before taking the photograph. Few of these are candids--there are some. However I most often engage the person and ask permission to take their photograph. It may only be a very momentary connection that we make but I want that connection where possible--that is part of the story but I don't want to give away too much of the plot.


  1. You captured some lovely faces at the faire.

  2. Hieu, thank you. The festival is always a fun photo outing. The costuming is interesting and the people are extremely patient and accommodating for photographers.