Friday, August 29, 2014

The Zoo

A very good bad day. Meaning that I really enjoyed the day even though I messed much of it up because I approach life very sloppily. Now I would much prefer to say lethargically or even lackadaisically because to a degree they imply at least a mental dexterity that might in the minds of some readers offset to some small degree the laziness my sloppy behavior. I have no direction nor any desire for direction. I do as I have done and with that I am happy—although I am concerned about the sloppy part.  

Case in point the trip a couple of months ago to Calvert. Packed up my Olympus and arrive well over a hundred miles away with either no media card or dead batteries. Not sure now which it was but had not Clayton loaned me his second camera I would have come home with no photographs. That was not the first time, nor has it been the last. A couple of weeks ago Debi loaned me a media card when I left mine on the card reader at home.

Alcy has a camera club assignment of ‘animal kingdom.’ I no longer need to shoot for camera club assignments but I will frequently go along with her so I might as well. We chose to go to the zoo for ‘animal photos.’ On taking my camera out of the bag I discovered that I had no media card (what a surprise), but having only spent four days shooting with Debi since I borrowed the card from her during which I had forgotten to return her card, I realized that it was in a pocket of my bag. Great I could take photographs! The card was only 4gb and Debi already had a couple of files on the card so I ran out long before I would have liked but that was okay. I did have around a hundred and fifty photographs which was better than not having any.

We spent five hours at the zoo. My knee was hurting beyond belief but I persevered—the last part without photographing. Arriving back at the car I discovered that my camera bag had tilted over and the fresh 16gb card I should have been using was laying on the floor of the back seat. Well, I was in no condition to go back and try it again. My bad for not checking.

At home I downloaded the card and since it was Debi’s, I deleted my file from her media—only to discover later that in the transfer I had only grabbed part of the photographs—about half were gone. My bad. I really didn’t need animal kingdom photographs anyway. But that was this time—next time it might be much more of a disaster. So you can see that lethargic or lackadaisical really are not as appropriate as simply—sloppy.


  1. Maybe you should have a check list in your camera bag and check it before you leave home.
    Your images are wonderful!

  2. Thanks! Good idea--if I just remember to do it.

  3. Alcy, he needs to train you (or whoever he's shooting with) to be sure and ask the right questions before you leave. I finally have Ronnie trained to ask me if there is a memory card in y camera before we walk out the door. With my new mirrorless, It writes a photo to a temporary buffer so I can see it through the eye piece as soon as its taken - with or without a memory card in the camera! Very deceptive and I am quite sure National Geographic would have paid me a lot for some of the images that were taken when I was minus a memory card in my camera. lol Ok, I'll confess that it does tell you ONCE in the viewfinder that there is no card, but if I'm not paying close enough attention I can take lots of incredible images before I figure it out. :( Just glad to know I'm in great company. :)