Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life is Good

When I got home from the zoo my modem had decided to kick the bucket. Red lights were blinking all over the place. The zoo post was done from ChickFilA. Fortunately I had thought the modem had died some time ago and purchased a new one. Then I discovered that it hadn't so the new modem was still boxed and I was prepared. As usual I don't want to read instructions so I have fiddled for a couple of days. Now I am back in the real world--or as real as my world gets. Not only that I am being allowed back on Fickr so all is right with the world.

However I did notice that no one had noticed that I wasn't there. That probably should tell me something. 

Addendum: sorry about the misstatement. I have corrected it to read "I am being allowed back on Flickr."


  1. i was just about to ask what you have to do to get kicked out of flickr?? HA!

    1. yes Jan I was wondering about that myself.You know those rowdy sorts.LOL

  2. It is long standing and deeply psychological to begin with—it is an attitude, a way of approaching life that I have chosen, probably consciously. Life, itself, really doesn’t matter all that much—I am a fatalist in that regard. There is a time allotted and it is nothing that I care to worry about when it is or how it goes getting there. So it is probably never going to change. It is much too convoluted to explain by someone as unconcise as me.

    For some reason beyond my control Flickr/Yahoo/ATT keeps changing my Flickr password. Then when I go to reset it there are two security questions; who was my favorite elementary school teacher and where did I meet my spouse. There is no ambiguity in my mind regarding either. I worshiped my third grade teacher. She let mother cook a birthday cake with all the trimmings and have a birthday party in the schoolroom during recess; when I took mother’s camera to school she lined up the entire class in front of the school for a class photo; and during summer break she sent me a letter (which I still have, yeah, she probably wrote one to every kid in the class). That was my kind of ‘going to school’, the rest of which I thoroughly hated. I also know exactly where I met Janet—and exactly when almost to the day and hour (Monday morning just after 8am). ATT would not accept those answers.

    Yesterday in setting up the new modem I was asked those same two questions and they were both accepted—even though I answered them the very same way I have been for the past two months (this was my second time that I have been kicked off Flickr, the first for eight months, then one day poof and I was back on). After setting up the modem I decided to see how ATT would handle those questions when I tried to reconnect with Flickr and low and behold, both were accepted. So now I am back on Flickr until they decide to change my password again. Although it really doesn’t matter. I am learning to live without Flickr. I may try to catch it up again like I did the last time but then again I might not.

    In truth, I do get a little hacked with myself for being so unconscious so much of the time. Who knows what I am missing that never comes to my attention like not having a battery or media card? You know, if I drank heavily or did drugs I would understand but I don’t do either. I have nowhere to place the blame but on this silly life attitude. Now ain’t that a shame? I love it this way. I love looking around at all the civilized, regimented, organized, with-it people and thinking jeeze what a waste of good effort when you could be having fun! I'm not nearly as rowdy as laidback. Rowdy requires way too much effort. LOL

  3. thanks for the explanation....i think! haha