Thursday, August 21, 2014

Breakfast and A Story About Old Person Getting Excited!

First, I went to my usual Chick for breakfast and as I often do I ‘found’ a breakfast photo that I couldn’t resist.

Now for the story—or as Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

I received an email from an on-line vender that got my heart pounding— then it squashed it like a flattened roach. Most of my adult life I have wanted a genuine old timie 'portrait lens' (there are several makers but I usually group them into the single term...Pinkham and Smith) but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase one because most of what you see available are as Pinkham and Smith as I am—fake, and I simply do not use the Sinar nearly as frequently as I probably should.

Yes, old people should not live in the past but I was born seventy-five years too late and that is where I prefer to live--except for digital photography, and computers, and cars--well a few things I would want to take back, like leisure time. My time machine would need to be, on a minimum, the size of a Allied Movers eighteen-wheeler.

Well, when I received the email today that a company was (crudely) reproducing a portrait lens with a Nikon mount. I started palpitating, could my dream possibly be coming true—until I saw the price, $599. Hey, it’s a brass tube with two doublet lenses and a waterhouse stop; probably manufactured in Russia or China—what about that could possibly justify six hundred bucks. It's probably the 'carefully placed lenses,' Wouldn't a dab or two of super glue and an o-ring have sufficed? I’ll stick with the Lensbaby, at least it's not a one trick pony, and leave said vender to their obviously yuppie clientele.

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