Sunday, July 6, 2014


(really don't think that's a real word, what to heck)

I should not read while I eat. I plan great things for after the meal. Read. Abandon plans. Rush home.

A friend, Jerry Pierson, recommended two books. I have only purchased one so far but it sure gets me in lots of trouble. Just read Twenty Years to Break the Rules in Brooks Jensen’s Turning Loose of the Camera.

Two days ago I spent a good deal of time preparing a portfolio—well most of it was ‘prepared’, just needed organized and sent to the printer. Now, after reading the article, I have to reprepare all of the prints. The portfolio stands. The prints need to be redone. Probably even reshot.

 I just rethought it while reading the article.


  1. You shouldn't have read that book. I'm sure your prints are awesome. Don't even think of re-printing (much less, re-shooting!!)

  2. I keep worrying about myths such as the more 'artistic' black and white--or like there is really some reason that I need to use Photoshop. I don't know why I let myself get drawn into such but occasionally I do. I got the photos today IN COLOR and you are right--I am not going to convert them to black and white. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. GOOD. Put them away and forget about them until October!!!

  4. Oh, ye of such faith. Just don't understand how this aged creature functions. I never ever put anything away. It's programed into my DNA and a constant. LOL But I do appreciate the good advise

  5. ok, then place them under a pile of something else you haven't put away so you will forget about them. :)

  6. That well may happen. You would be amazed (I am) at the things I can't find around here. Well, at least I think they are around here. LOL The joys of bachelorhood!