Saturday, July 5, 2014

Go Slow, Woodard, Go Real Slow

Sometimes it is obvious that old people need to go much slower--well this old person anyway.

Was checking on potential activities yesterday and opened the Katy Meetup website. Hit the panic button! I could feel my heart pounding all the way down to my little toe.

I may be going into Portfolio Review withdrawal since I didn't participate last year. Anyway I saw this meet up posted "Portfolio Review--What Is It?" scheduled for July 15th. OMG, July 15th? I only read the first two words and the date (picked that up in speed-reading class). I was thinking that the Portfolio review was much later in the year and I would have my usual time to lollygag around before I had to prepare and here it is in eleven more days. I can't miss it again! Rushed an email to Debi to see if they were still accepting sign-ups. Was told yes. (I'm sure she questioned my audacity at interrupting her photoshoot at the Chappell Hill Forth of July Parade with such a question.) Spent the next few hours writing an artist statement along with selecting, preparing and sending photos to Mpix. Succeeded on all counts. Whew!!! Just barely under the gun but I made it.

Then I read the rest of the meet up site post. July 15th is only a talk by Jim Fife on what to expect from the Portfolio Review. The Review is in October. Well, I have this much to say--the one thing I didn't expect from it was a heart attack.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't complain with no one reads what I write. Yeah, I get it. Good point there Beauregard.

Don't suppose Jim would like a fresh portfolio to use during his lecture. I'll have one.


  1. Being a fellow procrastinator, I can relate to the odd feeling you must have. I've seen a lot of the photos you've made for your portfolio and am interested to read your artist statement. As you might guess, I have a lot of thoughts on the topic, but I'm anxious to hear yours.

  2. Jan, you can talk me into things that no one else can. LOL I don't want to share the artist statement with anyone that is likely to be at the Review. Since you have moved I don't suspect you will return for that although I would like to be the first to invite you. The statement will probably get tweaked when I see the prints from Mpix. It may get tweaked several more times since I am likely to continue adding photographs.What I have is the gist and I would really love to hear your comments--both on the statement and the concept so I will send you a copy. Being Baptist I suspect I know some of the point you will make and that will be interesting. LOL I am doing the Review with the Katy group but if I thought there was a possibility that you and Ronnie could come down for the NWHPC Review I would even rejoin the club and do it there also. I am also doing a book of my crucifix photos that started back in 2007. For a Woodard book it is not going to have a lot of verbiage--surprise! It will contain some of my thinking about shooting religious artifacts.

  3. Gary, thanks for the invitation. I'm sure I would enjoy the evening if I came. But as you may know, we're in Denver, CO (where our daughter, son-in-law and grandson live) for the summer so I won't be able to attend. I will comment on the statement off the blog. Hope you were happy with the way your prints turned out. I have used MPIX for years and never once had to return anything. I do hope after the portfolio review you will share some of the judges comments.