Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two Antique Stores, Crucifix

I wrote a very long piece, that I did not post, to go with the photographs of the crucifix at the cemetery in Galveston. I have written a great deal on this new project, the crucifix with price tags attached. I will spare you that also. I have a great deal to say about crucifix. Both are projects that have been a long time in the making, probably since the early 1960's. Had a very long gestation period. I plan on doing portfolios on both. It is, in my opinion, an interesting concept, the ones with the price tags in particular. Just another thing to add to my already long, long list that I carry around for photoshoots.


Alcy and Debi are the only people I have mentioned the crucifix with price tag project. Basically they only know that I am looking for that subject matter. They don't know any of the details of the artist statement or that I actually have planned a project. I have only told one person about the crucifix with the price tag; told them that it was a project. That person took it as religion for sale. The shook me up because that is a negative connotation that I had not foreseen. Of course, it is no where near what I really want the photographs to convey. So it seems it is a project that needs a little fleshing out. 

I love the peg board in some of these shots and I hate pegboard. I can actually spot out all the holes in a pegboard background. I did on some of the previous post. This is a case where the pegboard actually adds a facet that I am looking for. Every opportunity seems to add something new to my thinking about the project.

However, the unintended negative comment was a great lesson . You have to realize that you are in control of the content, the meaning of your photographs only until you show the photograph to another person. At that point you lose all control.

You will glad to know that as of now I am caught up.

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