Friday, May 23, 2014

Hodge Podge

Sorry, I've been off the internet for a couple of weeks so now I am going to bore everyone to death by catching up.

Alcy's new apartment has the electrical control panel in the kitchen area where it is visible from the front door. I suggested hanging a picture over it and actually put up a small painting she already. Being a kitchen area I thought that a group of photos that related to food would be appropriate. Alcy had other ideas. 

One day she called and wanted to meet at the Triple A for breakfast. Well that is right next to Canino's Farmer's Market. Afterwards we went over and photographed vegetables. I put together tongue in cheek working on her, "I don't want NO stinking vegetables in my kitchen" theme.

She also needs a dining table so we have been hitting antique stores, furniture outlets and the like to  see what we could find. After Canino's we hit a couple in the Montrose area and ended up at the Blue Bird Circle Shop, where she found just what she needed at an extremely good price. While there I shot these plastic flowers, my kind of flowers.


Went for lunch to the Cafe Express at the MFA and on the way back to the car I noticed these stickers on one of the lampposts. Don't know what the different colors mean. Being a member mine is always gray. Thought it was interesting.

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