Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday and Saturday

Shot this one yesterday at the frozen yogurt shop. Was playing with my artsy settings on the Olympus. It was Alcy's fault.

 Alcy's son was down from Boston for Mother's Day so Debi and I had a Saturday to ourselves. Started out at the gallery that we missed the opening while we were in Calvert and hit a couple of the art galleries close by. Good thing I don't have any money or I would blow it all in art galleries.

Hit Half Price Books on Westheimer and for the second day in a row bought four books. I have to quit going to book stores. As we came out I saw this painted on the roadway. I know it's my adolescent side coming out again but being in Montrose I couldn't resist a sign that said 'be one' even if it was on the pavement.

 Debi had seen the notice of a new graffiti wall done by Mr D and we spotted it on the way to the book store so we went back for photos.

 While we were shooting three young ladies came up and wanted Debi to photograph them against the wall with their cell phone. Debi had them jump and I grabbed a shot.

 Grabbed a shot of an agave in front of my favorite tattoo parlor.

 And hit a few of the antique stores on Westheimer. Since Alcy is short one dining chair, I saw this and thought I would look good at the head of table sitting in it. Unfortunately someone obviously suffering from megalomania had already bought it or I would have had them wrap it up.

 Had a great not-fried chicken sandwich and a Shiner Bock at Empire and then drove over to the Rothko Chapel. No matter what I do I cannot get a decent photograph of the Broken Obelisk. Someday I am going to nail it but it wasn't today. Stopped at St Thomas to photograph the St Basil chapel but the light was bad and they were having a wedding inside so we concentrated on the gold dome and cross. 


Someone had placed a blossom from the day lilies in the hand of the figure of Christ. It had not yet lost it color but was beginning to wither. I liked the bright color against the patina of the sculpture and thought that interesting metaphors could be drawn from the image. 


In all, a very interesting day. As usual, unplanned. Now, if the beans would only finish cooking I could go to bed and snuggle up with one of my new books.

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