Friday, May 23, 2014

Galveston, Cemetery on Broadway

At this time of the year, the cemetery on Broadway is covered in yellow flowers. Alcy goes to shoot the flowers. I go to shoot what I normally shoot in cemeteries. I concentrated on things like contrasting the bright yellow live flowers with the memorials to those who have passed on; with the faded plastic flowers. To me there is poignancy in that. 

I was working on an article on the photographer Sally Mann for the camera club. Sally photographed at the University of Tennessee in what is called the Body Farm where cadavers are placed out in the open for months or years in order to study the process of decay on the human body. In an interview regarding these photographs she commented that death makes us feel more alive. I do not know if that carries over to my cemetery photography or not but I thought it was an interesting statement. Anyway, while Alcy shot the flowers this is some of what I got.




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