Friday, May 23, 2014

Galveston, Cemetery on 61st Street

Both of these cemeteries are difficult to shoot because of messy backgrounds. I got here one year on Christmas Day in a fairly heavy fog and had a blast. Today I didn't have that assistance so I had to concentrate on details. I am putting the photographs of the crucifix in a separate post. 

I am always interested in finding political statements and  have come across two recently. There is a turnaround in the center of the cemetery. The Stations of the Cross are displayed on the outside of the turnaround. I only shot this one because someone has chipped out the face of Christ. 

I am not sure what they thought they were accomplishing by defacing a work of art. Just hope it was important. I am sorry, this was my motherload of the day so there are a lot of photographs. I love the details of the mausoleums. I love the lines of some of the images. I love the poignancy in others. I love finding thing like children's toys, overturned and broken vases, the chain of gold hearts around the neck of Christ. I love what people leave behind in cemeteries. I love the statements those objects make about both the deceased and those remaining. I am careful to photograph the objects as found, no rearranging which ties to my randomness photographs, the serendipity. I don't know, maybe this is all a waste of time, but I spend a great deal of thought about the photographs in the cemeteries. I am very touched by what I find in cemeteries.



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