Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oklahoma, Texas

Now this did come as a surprise to me--there is a town not far from where I live named Oklahoma. It is just a few miles south of Egypt, Texas. Even though they are less than fifty miles from where I have lived for the past forty years I had heard of neither nor been to either.

The story goes that a gentlemen packed up his belonging and informed his neighbors that he was moving to Oklahoma. This is where he settled and the area jokingly became known as Oklahoma. A town grew up and a cemetery was established.

Incidentally there is no such flower, to my knowledge anyway, as a Redbonnet. Although you will occasionally find a pinkish colored bluebonnet. I was playing with manipulation and somehow turned the bluebonnets red so it needed a story. True the photograph was taken in Oklahoma, but not the state, the town. I thought the comments about their Communist affiliation and the redbonnets indoctrinating the seedlings would hint there was some chicanery going on. Alcy says she will never again believe anything that I say--hey, I could have told her long ago that would be good advice.

I greatly enjoy photographing in cemeteries. I have written about it so frequently that I will not repeat myself. Nor will I make comments on the lunacy of revisionist history. Here are a few photographs from the cemetery in Oklahoma, Texas.


We stopped in Tomball to hit some of the antique shops. I'm on a new kick of photographing crucifix that have price tags attached. Only found one crucifix and it does not fit my project. I did find what I thought was an interesting combination of elements. Alcy can not pass up an agave. I generally let her have at it but I liked the lighting on these so I decided to give it a try.


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