Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th, Tax Day

Had a lot to do today. Learned last night that the post offices were not going to stay open till midnight so I had to get up early to fill out tax forms. Always such fun—locating the information, not filling out the forms. Went into panic mode when I couldn’t find the paperwork on my 401k—it was right where it was supposed to be. Took it to Alcy’s to print out and got into the mail by noon—twelve hours earlier than usual. I’ll miss being in line at the post office tonight.

Afterwards we picked up some new frames for Alcy’s apartment, mounted her photos for the competition at the camera club and then hit an antique store to look for her a dining table. In all it was a day of accomplishments and few photographs.

As I frequently mention I have two themes that I work on in antique stores, religious artifacts and toys. Yes, I do shoot other stuff but right now these two are what I am most interested in. I am especially excited presently on a subcatagory of the religious objects—shooting crucifix with price tags attached. I’ve written the artist statement, or at least drafted the artist statement. The theme has to do with the price of Christ but it will depend upon the photographs which direction it will take. And who can resist freaky toys. No wonder the world is messed up when you start studying the toys that kids are given to play with. Anyway, I can usually find something to photograph in an antique store. Most of the stuff I remember when it was new.


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