Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Web Site for GW-Images

I sent out emails to a few friends but I do not know that I have actually announced that I now have a web site in addition to the two blogs. I may not take photos but I sure have the facilities for talking about photos.

The site is not fancy or sophisticated. It is a freebie site supplied by one of the photo forums that I have been on for over ten years. I am using it mainly to separate out my ‘people’ photos because those are the most important photographs that I take. I am not sure at this point just how much capacity it has but it will probably never be a full fledged site, just an ego booster where I an aggrandize myself—I mean, what else do I do?

Would love to have everyone drop in. There is a contact page at the back where you can send feedback or just start an argument. LOL 

A new web site required a new 'business' card so I placed an order with Vistaprint this afternoon

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