Friday, March 21, 2014

Back to the MFA

I have noticed that the older I get the more I hang out in museums and cemeteries—don’t know whether or not I should read anything into that. Maybe it is where I am most comfortable or maybe it’s the only place where I can hang with contemporaries.

Made the Anne Wilkes-Tucker lecture at the MFA on Photos Made for Magazines. It was a good lecture followed by a docent tour of the exhibit (I skipped that part because I did it a few days ago and wanted to hit the bookstore). Of course I should always beware of things that are free—well the lecture wasn’t free but it wasn’t much (and worth the money). She spent a lot of time relating the era of magazines to the way that photography is disturbed by the Internet now. Picked up a good deal of information I didn’t know about some of the photographs.

The bad part, okay, it really wasn’t bad but maybe unexpected---I came home with five new books. Well one is not exactly a book since it’s not bound. Got one on August Saunder, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Walker Evans. The other is a slip case with about 200 loose copies on one of the larger photographic collections at the museum.

Debi and I are doing another FotoFest Art Crawl next weekend. Looking forward to that.

To busy to take photos but yesterday in between making show openings—one and a half (the half was because the show wasn’t hung yet but Deb seemed to know all the guys in the bar)—we checked out the egret rookery and a second park. Surprisingly found a small, alligator at a pond in a very high concentration of upscale homes. Was only about five and a half or six foot long but big enough to do damage to a small pet or child. 

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