Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Pleasant Surprise

Got a very pleasant surprise in my inbox yesterday afternoon--an email from David Kageler. David is a special person, a very special and highly respected friend, that I have not been in touch with for the last few years. He is taking a new job with Zeiss in their metrology division. I am pretty good with words even if I do go a little Archie Bunker at times I generally have a vague familiarity with the English language but I had to ask on that one. Turns out it is the science of measurements. You don't get much more precision than Zeiss so it sounds like a very interesting adventure. It does mean a lot of traveling and he wanted a chance to get together for lunch before he took it on. I contacted Carolyn Sloan and we quickly set up a lunch for today. Had a great catch up session--well David and Carolyn did. I post everything to this blog so I didn't have a lot new to add. LOL But I listen good. Would hope that it is not another three or four years before we have lunch again. Just want him to know that I wish him every possible success. No one I know deserves it more.

 Heard some stories about Fuji Photo that had got past me. My experience there was not bad other than the two to three years waiting for the shoe to fall on the closure of the Houston office that we all knew was coming. By the time it came I was pretty well prepared emotionally and besides Janet needed me at home all day so for me being laid off was good. David was one of the few they kept on after the closure. The day they let him go someone flew in on the pretense of assisting him with a call. Got off the plane handed David his severance papers and asked for his credit card, computer and car. Drove him home and drove off in the car. No forewarning at all. We all agreed that I got out of the workforce at the best time. As I have always said my life is blessed. Everything seems to happen at just the right time in the right place--of course there is that second shoe.

Other than that I saw a notice for a art studio for lease on Craig's List and couldn't resist an inquiry. I so desperately need to have a place where I have more control over the photographic process. Well that and I am on a print binge. Sent off another half dozen this evening. They are part of the series on Things That I Do to Drive My Psychiatrist Nuts. I mention in the artist statement that I don't actually have a psychiatrist but considering the images I might should consider it. 



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