Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Is Art But It Isn't Photography

Art, of course, is subjective so I'm not going to press the issue. If you don't believe this is art, that is absolutely okay. I am listening to interviews with the Lieutenant Governor candidates for the up coming primaries so I am sitting here playing. The title comes from an a manipulated photograph I entered in the camera club competition. Truthfully it was a pretty poorly done image but was all I had for the category. I entered it because I thought it was somewhat unique, not because I thought it was a viable image for winning a ribbon in the competition. It was a double printed image of two headshots of myself--one was taken when I was in my twenties the other when I was in my seventies--appropriately a half century between the two. A guest judge picked it up and commented, "This is art but it isn't photography" and sit it down. I really would have preferred that he had called it a crappy piece of work. So if you think this is a crappy piece of work, that is okay also.

This is a shot taken at the yellow color station during a color run downtown. I like the photograph very much as a straight photograph. I like it as a manipulated color image and as a manipulated monochrome image. So I thought I would share it.



  1. I like it very much, the b&w being my favorite. Why didn't you post the one you submitted? I would like to see it, art, photograph or crappy piece of work. LOL

  2. Jan, thank you. I do not know if I have the photo I mentioned. It is probably on a hard drive around here someplace. If I find it I will post it but honestly it was very poorly done. I, as usual, waited till the last moment and rushed it through.If I can't find it I may make a second effort just to see if I can do it a little better. LOL