Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Only a Slight Misadventure

Got up at 5am because the weatherman foretasted fog. No fog, should have known. Grabbed Metro and went downtown. Halfway there I couldn't remember if I locked the car. When I got there I walked over three blocks to catch the next bus back to the park and ride. Got back to the park and ride and the car was locked. So now I am waiting for the shift change so I won't have to explain why I am catching the same bus back downtown. Just part of the fun of being seventy-five.

Should stay home and catch up on rest because this weekend is another of the three events I frequently talk myself into. Going to a prop swap in Katy Saturday morning, an opening at an art gallery in the Heights that afternoon. Then Sunday afternoon is a Pixel Party at the Natural History Museum. I had planned an affair (not that kind of affair) in Katy but had to cancel because it didn't leave me enough time to get to the museum. Then this morning I signed up to spend the night on the Battleship Texas with the Photowalks group. Well, the weather has improved and everyone has cabin fever so everything is happening. 

Hopefully by the time I get this up the bus drivers will have changed and I'll head back down town. Only shot three photographs. I have been reading duChemin and one of his exercises is to shoot only three photographs in an hour so I am trying to slow down. I'm usually in the ten to sixty per hour range. I only shot three but I was only there about fifteen minutes.

 Addendum: Jay Maisel admonishes photographers not to include words in their photograph unless they want the viewer to read them. Well I took Metro back downtown today a second time because I wanted to take a photograph of words that I wanted the viewer to read. Now I am not absolutely sure that I got the photograph that I wanted. It is not just as I envisioned it but it is close. I had hoped my ‘immigrants’ would be a little less businessy but it is not a side of the street that attracts a lot of walkers so I took what I could get. That took almost twenty minutes and you know my limit three, five tops. Thank goodness it was lunch time of there would not have been anyone on that side.

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