Monday, February 24, 2014

Nelson's Water Gardens

Tomorrow is Debi's birthday so Alcy and I drove out to Katy to take her out to dinner. To avoid the rush hour traffic we went a little early which gave us a couple of hours to photograph at Nelson's Water Gardens. 



  1. Such nice photos, Gary. What camera/lens were you using? And happy birthday, Debi!!

  2. Jan, thank you. This was shot with the Olympus using the Panasonic 35-100 mm. I probably won't get many more processed today but in a couple of days I will have a large number to post to Flickr. I am very pleased with the Olympus but since you are looking to get a smaller camera the new Sony R7 is very very interesting. If I didn't have the Olympus I would have it in my bag right now. Of course it is more expensive than the Olympus and the Olympus is no slouch. All the photos shot at the Museum Pixel Party are from the Olympus.