Monday, February 24, 2014

HMNS Pixel Party

Occasionally the Houston Museum of Natural Science will open certain areas of the museum to photographers after hours. Last night there were three halls opened, The Cave Paintings of Lascaux, The Hall of Ancient Egypt and the Hall of the Americas. This is the third Pixel Party that I have gone to and maybe my favorite so far. I generally only photograph things that look like people so I don't get too excited about a lot of museum exhibits. A bone is a bone is a bone and by any other name would be just as unexciting. And what's a geode anyway but an ugly rock with a fancy interior that has lots of blown out areas in my photographs? Not a big fan of Egyptian artifacts but The Hall of Ancient Egypt was beautifully installed. The 'party' lasts for two hours. My plan was to make one run through the three halls doing close-ups of the artifacts and then a second run to photograph the space. I was finishing close-ups my third section, The Hall of the Americas when the guard announced that the museum would be closing. That was disappointing. I couldn't believe I had been photographing for two hours. Could happily spent another two hours.

All of the photographs can be found on my February 2014 Flickr Set.

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