Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do You Ever Wonder About Life?

Sorry to bother everyone a third time today but I did a rant, this is a ramble.

I find it interesting how life works out. Back in May I got bumped off Flickr. Don’t know what happened but I could not access Yahoo or Flickr. Tried several times but I could not get back on to post. Flickr would first send me to Yahoo and after so many failures there Yahoo would send me to AT&T which refused to accept my two security answers that I know were absolutely correct. There was never a link to reset the password. I would try periodically but always with the same results. So I finally stopped. It was a circle that ever returneth to the self same spot as cummings would say. Everyone had suggestions for what I should do, all of which I ignored. I have this 'poof theory' that has served me well throughout my life. When I have a problem I just ignore it and eventually it will just go poof and be fixed. Have several stories that I tell about the poof theory including an interesting one about the time my pickup truck caught on fire on the way to work. Stopped over a mud puddle, splashed some water up under it, when I could no longer see flames I drove on to work and never looked at it again. And the three times that I ran out of gas because my gauge was broken and every time coasted up to a gas pump at a station. The third time involved getting across two lanes of rush hour traffic, coasting around a corner, up the incline to the station and doing a u-turn to get to around to the other side of the building because I refused to pay the price for full service. I kept saying to myself, Woodard, this time you are going to have to push but I didn't. That pickup knew what it needed and where it was. A lot of my life has just gone poof and fixed itself.

Anyway for the last three days I have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new lens while UPS was driving around with it in the back of one of their trucks. (I received it late this afternoon) For some reason I needed to send an email using Yahoo. I figured it would be useless but I decided to give it a try. Well this time I got a link that had never been there before to reset the password and so help me it worked. After I sent the email I tried Flickr and sure enough I’m back in.

I know that I have driven everyone that follows me on Flickr up the wall because I have uploaded several hundred photos in the past three days. I just let the poof theory take its course and every thing is well and good.

But what interests me about this ‘miracle’ is that I would have gone bonkers waiting for the lens except I was able to fill that time with something that was very time consuming and relatively productive, catching up on seven months worth of posts on Flickr. Yeah, it is probably coincidence but you know, sometimes I just have to wonder. Who do you suppose hands out those poofs? I've always been a little concerned that someday I am going to exceed my allotment but they just keep coming. Yes, I am thankful.

Addendum: Boy, did I miss that one! It wasn't cummings it was Poe in The Conqueror Worm-- Through a circle that ever returneth in , To the self-same spot, And much of Madness, and more of Sin, And Horror the soul of the plot.

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