Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Different Day

Alcy was off so we spent the day together. Went to the MFA, spent a pleasant hour or so visiting with an old friend of hers that is here for treatment at M D Anderson. Had lunch at Lucky Burger, the first time since I moved from Montrose in 1982, and ended up in the Heights for coffee. Our favorite place, Cricket's, is closed for remodeling so we had to go elsewhere, I won't mention the name. Made a real mistake. I couldn't read the menu well and all I saw was mocha and finally made out the word Mayan. So I ordered it and Alcy said to get her what ever I ordered. Well it was a mocha latte with jalapeno. It was gosh awful. Worse stuff I have tried to eat since that awful brown sauce at the Mexican restaurant. So the 'I'm going to strangle you Woodard' look is more than justified. If I could have done it myself I would have.

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