Sunday, November 17, 2013


Ren Fest processing had to go on the back burner temporarily. Went on a photowalk, dubbed Rodoclix Pix Cawl along Buffalo Bayou in the downtown Sesquicentennial Park with Rudy Hernandez. Rudy and I worked together back in the Seventies at Southwestern Camera. He has gone on to be a successful photojournalist. He asked everyone to mail him their best vertical shot to use on a dummy magazine. Well I came home with several photographs that I like but I hardly see any of them being a magazine cover. 

After much consternation I have picked out one so I can comply with the request. I have no idea if it is the best or even if it has appeal as a cover, but I like it and it is simple so this is it:

 Here are a few others that I have got processed. When I finish I will post all of the shots to PhotoNet.

Addendum: Under the heading “Self Aggrandizement” as though the blog isn’t already—this photograph was chosen for the magazine cover. I was honored and pleased. 

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