Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ren Fest No. 2

Last evening I boldly posted a ‘goal’ for today’s photoshoot at the Renaissance Festival—not to leave the festival until I had done 100 headshots. I am pleased to say that I may have doubled and come close to tripling that number. I did not specify whether or not I had to ask for the photograph—which is good. A lot of the headshot are grabbed candids but I feel pretty certain that there are a hundred or at least very, very close to a hundred that I actually asked permission to do the photograph.

Alcy, Debi and Saundra all got outstanding photographs. Of what I have seen, Alcy got the photo of the day, a fellow decked to the hilt in medieval attire lying on a bench with a wine bottle and in a pretend state of inebriation. It is a fantastic photograph. After seeing the rest of the photos I was beginning to wish that I had backed off more often. However I am pleased with the shots I got. This is only a tiny number but I’m meeting Debi at eight in the morning for breakfast so this is all I am going to get processed tonight.

The girls carried me high because I saw this lady that had very interestingly braided hair. She was standing talking to three men and I interrupted their conversation to ask if I could take her photograph and then asked if she would glance over her shoulder so that I could get her hair in the photograph. As the day went on, it became much easier to approach someone and ask to do a photograph. Of the two days I was only turned down one time last weekend. I think I will get season tickets for next year and camp out so that I can do two days every weekend.


  1. Michael, thanks! As you might guess, I'm having a ball. Thinking about going back next weekend.