Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Cemetery Photographs

Although I have photographed in many cemeteries I had never before photographed at a columbarium.  To be grammatically correct, I am not entirely sure that the structure at Earthman is in the strictest sense a columbarium. I may actually be considered a mausoleum, as the crypts seem larger than for a cremation urn. However, I think of a columbarium as a wall inset with crypts and a mausoleum as being an enclosed structure. At Earthman the crypts are in an exposed wall, thus my use of the term columbarium. That may not be the official difference. The columbarium is very large with the crypts located on the outside walls of three sides. The top is filled level with the height of the structure and contains cremation plots.The forth side is a hill slopping down to grade level. There is an additional columbarium that runs parallel across from the south side that does have two gated and enclosed niche with a dozen or so crypts within each that I would consider as mausoleums. The life-sized Christ figure was photographed inside one of these niches. All of these photographs with the exception of the last one were shot at either the columbarium or at the cremation plots on top.

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