Saturday, November 23, 2013

Monte and Pam’s Wedding

The forecast was for rain and cold so Debi and I debated and decided to take a chance on the Civil War Reenactment at Liendo Plantation outside of Prairie View. The morning was misty and chilly but workable—the afternoon got really, really cold. I am pleased we decided to go although I didn’t get nearly as many photographs as I did at the Renaissance Festival. I will be posting more photos later, but I want to get a special group posted.

Monte and Pam had an outdoor wedding on the plantation grounds. It has been over a half century since I photographed a wedding so I’m a little out of practice. Pam beamed throughout the ceremony so I had to ask if it was a real wedding or a reenactment. Monte said it was a renewal of vows. It was difficult to tell that it was not real the way they doted on each other. Monte said that was because they really liked each other. It showed. I ask that after everything was completed if we could walk over to the plantation house for a couple of formal shots and they agreed. In hindsight I would have done the formals differently but I greatly appreciate them agreeing to give it a try. On the walk over Pam said that they had been married ‘again’ in the 1930’s and now the 1850’s and I believe she mentioned one or two other times. I am always impressed with the dedication of the reenactors. – So, Monte and Pam, congratulations and may you always have the love and dedication you exhibited today.

The Preacher

The Bride

The Father of the Bride and the Bride


The Best Man Hands Over the Ring

The Groom

A Very Private Kiss

The First Dance

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