Sunday, November 24, 2013

Civil War Reenactment, Liendo Plantation

I shot a number of photographs of the battle but with the distance away, the highway behind the Union position, the people walking in front of the camera and the cold the photographs are not very spectacular. 

I went to Liendo to photograph people. I decided that I wanted to step back and include more environment than I had at Ren Fest. I am not sure that was a wise decision. Using the white tents for background might as well have been a white roll paper background. My flash fill did not work as well and as hard as I tried I lost a lot of the photographs to the time travelers. I enjoyed the shoot. The people were interesting and cooperative. I think that I was over confident from my success at Ren Fest and didn't work as hard to get interesting photographs. Truthfully I was a little sloppy the entire day. Because of that I am disappointed in all but the wedding photos and even they could have been done better.

Side story: After having asked a couple of people for photographs and after agreeing they both looked away from the camera, we asked the young man standing sentury and after agreeing he immediated looked down. So Debi inquired why and he said they were instructed to look away from the camera. I guess someone feels the photographs look more authentic, more candid if the person is not looking into the lens. Or, maybe they feel that it gives prominence to the attire rather than to the individual. That is okay with me, I can go either way. Just thought that was interesting.

Okay, my favorite shot of the day. It may not come up to Kasebrier's cycle on motherhood or Lange's Migrant Mother, but I like it anyway. If for no other reason than it is subject matter that I would not normally shoot--even I have things that I feel are too private to intrude. I'm very glad I asked.

It is disappointing that even here I was sloppy. Just asking the young lady to take a couple of steps either direction and I could have improved the image immensely . I may try cloning out the tent supports.

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