Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art Installation and Texas Junk Company

Another very long day of photography. There is a new art installation in the esplanade on Montrose in front of the Houston Art League. Debi Beauregard wanted to do some photographs early in the morning for a project she is doing. I was up at 4:30 to meet her there at 6. 

The piece is a 180 foot long steel and reclaimed wood piece by Patrick Renner called the Funnel Tunnel. It meanders is way between the trees on the esplanade for a full block. Very hard to photograph all of it but we enjoyed the excursion inspite of the hour. Also did a few shots around the Art League building before heading over to The Texas Junk Company on Taft Street. 

I know it seems that I go back to the same places over and over but that is okay because things change, the light changes. Even the old stuff can be seen differently. As many times as I have photographed at the Junk Company, I have never been there that early in the morning. And they frequently have something they are trying to give away which always provides interesting subject matter.

After breakfast we picked up Alcy and shot in a couple of antique stores in Spring. I had signed up for a shoot at Glenwood cemetery at 3pm so the three of us went. It was very hot and very still, no breeze—miserable. We called it quits after an hour or so and headed home. I started processing but passed out a way early for me, around 9, so there is still a lot to do. 

Before heading our individual ways we stopped at Denny's to pick up Debbie's car. We got cold drinks and chimped each others photos. Can't go to Denny's without taking a few photographs.

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