Friday, August 30, 2013

Miniature Stables

Carolyn Sloan and I drove up to Maypearl, a small town between Waxahachie and Fort Worth to attend the funeral of a gentleman we worked for some years ago. Sad occasion but we had a great trip up Highway 6 through a lot of very interesting small towns. I was thinking I would stop for a few photographs on the way back but the service was exceptionally long so we headed over to I45 and did a speed limit plus boogie back to Houston. As it was, I started out around six in the morning and only arrived home well after ten. It was a long drive for an old man but I am really pleased I decided to go.

Although Carolyn and I meet for lunch occasionally this was the first time we spent a day together since Enovation closed the Houston office in 2005 so we had time for a whole lot of catching up. Got to see and say hello to several people we hadn't seen in a long time. Although we were disappointed that we didn't get to speak with Bernie Thompson, also an ex-boss and one of our favorite people, who was one of the honorary pallbearers. Thought we would catch him at the graveside ceremony but it was over a hundred degrees and the heat apparently precluded him attending an outdoor service.

Don, Carolyn’s husband, is building two, dollhouse like, miniature stables for their granddaughters that he wanted to show me when we arrived home. They are scaled to the toy horse so this one was  a little over four feet long. I had the Olympus with me so I grabbed it and did a few handheld shots. When he gets them completed I will drive back out with a tripod and some lights and do a proper job of photographing them for him. They are amazing. When these are finished he is going to do a scale model of the old train depot in Magnolia, Texas, where they live. I may just try slipping that one into my gadget bag when he's not looking.

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