Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Dog Show

Earlier I mentioned that Saturday was booked. Well there was some spare time in the early morning. The first thing scheduled was meeting Debi at Denny's at noon so we could carpool to Reliant Stadium for the dog show. I sit down at the computer at 7am to answer email and Facebook. At 11:47, thirteen minutes before I was supposed to be there, a message from Debi popped up on my computer screen, “Are you on the way or are you going to mess around on Facebook all day?” I had no idea it was anywhere near noon. I skipped the bathe and shave, jumped into the clothes I had worn the day before and made the fifteen minute drive to Denny’s in eight and one half. Fresh boxers and a couple of squirts of Fabreeze and I figured I was good to go. Hey, we were going to a dog show, how good do you have to smell? Actually, I was only nine minutes late. We spent a couple of hours shooting. I didn’t get much worth keeping because I only grabbed one camera and one lens as I ran out the door. Afterwards I headed out 290 at 80mph to have dinner with Alcy. She is in rehab after her knee replacement and will get out next Tuesday. I hate to see that happen as I can get a guest meal there for $3.50, which beats Denny’s with the AARP discount by far—and the food is really good. Only descent meals I have had in years. Well, as they say, it comes, it goes. I’ll try not to be too sad. Of course, I am glad that Alcy is on the mend. I miss our roadtrips. She is moving to an assisted living apartment for a month's out-patient rehab at Methodist Hospital--no where near 290 and much closer to my place. At least at the new facility she will be able to get out for a few hours to take photos. I have been trying to figure out how to get a room and bed at her current rehab. Of course, driving 80mph on 290, the most dangerous freeway in Houston, just might facilitate that. In my defense, you have to drive that fast on 290 just to keep from being run over. 

Oh, so woe is me. Please take me home with you!!!

Well, now that I am up here I might as well check it out to see who all is here!

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