Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday, Debi and I went to the Houston Photowalks photoshoot at the Houston Fire Museum. Some years ago there was an old fire station on Washington Avenue that I thought they were trying to turn into a museum. I was surprised to learn that it was now at an old fire station on Milam. And I thought I knew downtown Houston. The building was not air-conditioned so it was a little uncomfortable. I didn't make many photographs. Besides I had to finish in time to meet with another meet up group for a discussion of photography over Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup.  I am not a fan of Pho. Actually I am not a fan of any wet food regardless of ethnicity, but I am a fan of talking about photography, so I’ll swing for a bowl of Pho even though I probably will not eat much. When I didn't come anywhere near finishing mine I was asked if I wanted it in a take out--absolutely not. I was diplomatic, I didn’t say, “Absolutely not!” I just thought it. Got home in time to do a little processing but too late to get them posted and yesterday was pretty well booked. 

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