Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ferry Miscellaneous

These are shots of, on, off of and around the ferries. I just realized in sorting through the photographs that none of the ferries we rode are the newer ones which have an intermediate passenger level. Now I have to go back because that will change the view point. Then I could go back another day just to shoot from the vehicle deck. Always make a mistake that you have to go back to correct! LOL

Most of these are to play with the elements, the darkness, the ambiance. I am not sure why there is not a couple dozen more--oh, I just haven't got around to processing them... I have deleted at least half of the photographs taken and still can't seem to make a sizable dent in getting the remainder processed.


  1. Nice photos, Gary. I assume you "knew the rule so you could break it" on #7? I like it.

    On the one with the red railing, I'm curious why you decided to leave the horizon at that angle? Was it because you thought it more important to see the side of the ferry straight? Or you liked the line/angle of the red railing? just wondering...

  2. Actually, Jan, that is only partially true. I had to recount twice because I thought I had the wrong picture—I couldn’t see any broken rule. But I finally figured out you are talking about the horizon but it took me awhile.

    I will try not to make this a dissertation but it always makes me sad when people looking at photographs see rules. There are no rules in art. Yeah, I know the conventional wisdoms or what I prefer to call the conventional impediments are drilled into the head of every amateur photographer. I much prefer to take each photograph as it comes. And yes, for me the horizon in the middle is okay. It simply says that what is below the horizon and what is above the horizon shares an equal importance in the image. It is as much about color as anything else. And I could have made it any color that I wished--as you might note from a few of the other photographs. Rules are wonderful as long as you want your photographs to look like everyone else’s photographs. Or if you don’t really want to think about your photograph, just plug it into a template. It is the homogenization of photography that is so deified in camera clubs. Getting beyond the rules was the whole point of the Discussion Blog.

    As for the second question, I cannot honestly say that I made a conscious decision to leave the horizon at an angle. It didn’t bother me so I wasn’t concerned about it. Don’t know that I gave it any thought until you asked. I do like the way the lines work in the photograph. I sometimes do that you know. LOL When you are weird you sometimes take weird photographs—I actually seem to relish that. No?