Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Most Super Full Moon of 2013

The weather discourages much activity during the day so the last two shoots I have gone to have been late evening or night shoots. Someone mentioned that the Super Full Moon was going to occur on June 22/23 and since the sun was going to go down shortly after the moon came up I decided to throw it up on the website as a spur of the moment meet up. A Super Moon is when the moon comes closest to the earth. This happens several times a year but this was the most Super Moon of this year, the very closest it comes. There was much discussion as to how much effect it was actually going to have. I heard that it would appear to be 1% larger from one source and 15% from another. It really didn’t matter, it was an excuse to get out after the sun went down and enjoy photography. Truthfully, it wasn’t all that impressive. Even with my longest lens it was only about the size of a pencil eraser in my photographs.

I thought maybe five or six people might be interested. Twenty-five signed up and I am not sure but what even more than that came. There were a lot of photographers there. I do not know for sure that all of them were with our group. Everwhat, it was a great time. Many, probably half of the photographers were new members of the meet up group and several more were accomplished photographers that I have shot with on ocassions over the past couple or three years. It was great meeting the new people and equally great to renew many old acquaintances.

The City of Houston built a pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive a few years ago and shooting from there offers a number of interesting opportunities; the skyline, light trails of the car lights along Memorial, reflections in Buffalo Bayou and when they are lit the Diversity sculptures on Allen Parkway.

We created an interesting diversion for the strollers, joggers and dog walkers that frequent the bridge. When large groups of photographers break out cameras everyone wants to know what is happening.

I didn’t do much as far as photographs, too busy talking with everyone.

Alcy is headed off for a couple of days in Galveston and invited me along but I had to decline. I’m still on an austerity campaign since my plumbing bill. So I’ve got a couple of days to fend for myself, which usually means that I lock the front door and let the rest of the world go its own way. I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately so—maybe that is what I will do. Or I could just sleep in--or more importantly, try to fix my computer or even cut the grass. Nah, don't think so! Might hop Metro and take in downtown.

For those that are interested you can see the group’s photographs here.

The Moon Over Memorial Drive

Ed Getting Ready (the light pole is straight)

Photographers line the pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive

Bill brought the big guns

Debi is relaxed. She's been here and done this before.

Angel takes advantage of the Golden Hour


  1. Gary, I enjoyed seeing yours and a lot of other photographers "take" on the super moon. I walked across the street from my house where I could get a view without the trees and took a few. Posted on on FB. Of course I was using my (less than) $200 lens so I didn't get anywhere near the detail of some of these, but was lucky enough to get a shot with a plane flying under it (our house is under a flight path for IAH) so I didn't have to wait long for a plane to come by.

  2. Spectacular it wasn't--an excuse to be out with a camera it was. I had originally suggested possibly using the San Jacinto Monument, the Texas City Dike or even Big Sam at Huntsville for foreground. I settled on the downtown shoot because I didn't wish to drive far. Some of the camera club decided to go to the Monument. It was interesting to see how many people found the Super Moon to be a good excuse for photography. BTW, we would love to have you join us in the meet up shoots--membership in the club is not required.