Monday, June 10, 2013

Mecom Fountain

A few days ago Alcy and I went to the Rothko Chapel so I am posting one photograph from that session.

For many years I have considered doing some night photographs at Mecom Fountain. The Houston Photowalk Meet Up scheduled a late evening shoot starting at the zoo and ending at the fountain so I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately most of the lights were out on the larger center fountain. I still enjoyed the shoot.


  1. I love not only your work, but the care and consistency with your presentation. The upshot, diagonal image of Sam is so cleverly composed within the white frame. Beautiful work again. Thanks for coming out to the HoustonPhotowalk event, we love having you join us!

  2. Joe, thank you for the kind words. I can't be anywhere near the best organizer so I have to work really hard at my photography. LOL However, the thanks should be going the other way--to you for doing such an awesome job on Photowalks. It is a privilege to be a part of your group.