Sunday, May 12, 2013

To and From the Luminarium

Parking downtown was at a premium since the NRA National Convention was at the George R Brown just across the street from Discovery Green. The first lot we pulled into had a sign ten dollars but the attendant demanded thirty. I think that is called scalping but since it was mostly NRA members looking for parking any enforcement was looking the other way. There was no way I was going to pay thirty dollars or two or three hours or less parking. We found a garage about five blocks farther away for five bucks--my kind of parking. On the way I snapped a couple of photos and a couple more on the way back.

After we left the Luminarium we stopped at the Lakehouse for a cold drink where I shot a photo of Dolores and Clayton. Then we walked over to photograph the anti-gun protesters at the NRA Convention. It was mostly media, a couple dozen protesters and a few NRA members mingling in to see what was happening. The City had done its best to make the NRA member's stay as unpleasant and inconvenient as possible. Many of the streets in the vicinity were blocked and Metrorail was shut down for the day. Typical City of Houston administration procedure. It didn't appear that the NRA was letting either the City or the protesters hamper their enjoyment. In all it was another fun day downtown.

Yeah, I did my usual discarded underwear and dead creature photos, much to the entertainment of the others.

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