Monday, May 13, 2013

The Art Car Parade

Every May, NWHPC traditionally photographs at the Art Car Parade—we wouldn’t miss it. Although this is my third time I have never actually seen the Art Car Parade. One day I need to go downtown as see what it is all about. We go to the staging area two or three hours before the parade starts.

Weathermen are very much like politicians, for their creditability they depend upon you forgetting by tomorrow what they said today. Torrential rains and flooding was forecast for the morning so the parade that normally starts at one in the afternoon was pushed back till three o’clock. As usual we met up at the Triple A restaurant at the Farmer’s Market for breakfast.

I generally park on a side street near the beginning of the parade because that is where the majority of the characters assemble. I do shoot a few of the cars but I really go to shoot the people. This year I parked with the rest of the club near the end of the parade, which really cut into my opportunities for people pictures. I found a location at an underpass, which proved to be advantageous for a couple of the cars and made an interesting backdrop for some of the characters that I was able to photograph. At breakfast the sky was overcast and I was looking forward to almost ideal light. Unfortunately the torrential rains never materialized—like anyone was surprised. They haven’t got a single forecast right yet this week. The sun was beating down by the time we got there around eleven thirty. So much for good light for people pictures.

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